A Practical Solution to Human Presence Sensing at Last?

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The vexed problem of human presence detection may finally be solved. Instead of trying to use motion sensors to infer human presence, a new class of small radar-based sensors offers on-board intelligence added to cleverly engineered radar to provide detection and characterization of moving or stationary targets.

Until now, these sophisticated modules were very complicated to use, putting them out of the reach of many who didn't have the time or inclination to learn how to make them work. But recently. Hi-Link, a leader in this area, introduced a model that may well have solved this.

This post is about the first impressions of what appears to be a game changer. If you have a need for presence detection that doesn't require waving your arms form time to time to turn the lights back on, this post is for you—
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Quite an interesting device you have discovered., with a whole world of possible applications. With a bit of logic added it should be able to see through walls with some degree of resolution. THAT may lead to some interesting issues! And certainly it will be more effective than the PIR devices that do require motion to trigger them.
But I developed a passive human presence detector back in 1965, which was sort of passive in that it detected the ambient electrical field present around humans in a residential environment. That field is radiated by unshielded mains electrical wiring inside walls and ceilings. This new device appears to generate it's own field and detect the disturbances of that field. Much more sensitive and much greater resolution.