6v output with ESP32

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Hey there,
For my project, I generate a pulse wave (3.3v), and that GPIO pin is connected to another device that needs 6v to work.

I'm having some troubles trying to get those 6v from my ESP32 3.3v/5v pin. I tried amplifying the output with 2N2222 and BC548 transistors, but I can't get it to work. All my designs so far, work for small signals, but get really distorted when the input is 3.3V.

So, I basically need a voltage gain of 2, with the only supply sources being 3.3v and 5v from the Vin pin. Is it possible? I just don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks in advance!


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You do not need amplification. This is not a linear signal.
You need an open collector NPN transistor switch and a source of +6V on the board you are sending the signal to.

Edit: I'm feeling big hearted tonight. The transistor can be any convenient one that you have.
One more thing. Your GPIO signal is now inverted. When GPIO=HIGH (3.3V), the input to your board, IN=LOW(0.0-0.2V), and when GPIO=LOW(≈0V), then IN=HIGH (≈6V)


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Thank you! It's working.
In the end, I changed some values and replaced the 6v with a 9v battery since I need it already to supply other things.

I guess I could add an opamp to invert the output but I don't think it's that necessary for this project in particular. I can easily get the same result by changing the code.

Thanks again, I was really stuck there.
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Just to avoid confusion going forward,
You use the word amplifier,
as highlighted above,
this is logic so the transistor is either on or off,