-48v DC power - Doubling up breakers?

Discussion in 'Power Electronics' started by Rosko, Sep 20, 2016.

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    Mar 11, 2014
    Tough question to ask, let alone understand. So bare with me. This is for a problem in the telecommunications industry where -48v is common.

    Situation is: I have 2 independent 60 amp DC feeds. A Load(A) & a Load(B). Feeding a Load(A) and Load(B) distribution panel....feeding multiple pieces of equipment eaqch having redundant power. My current draw on each "leg" is about 45 amps for a total of 90 amps. My Independent feeds have two breaker positions. Currently only one on each leg being used by my 60 amp breakers. I need to add cards to my equipment and I anticipate it will bring my draw up to 55 amps on each leg for a total of 110 amps. I want to swap out my existing 60 amp breakers with 120 amps or bigger, but anything over a 100 amp takes two positions.

    Question: (starting with my Load A) If I added an additional 60 amp breaker and tied it directly from feed to distribution panel, would both my 60 amp breakers (on side A) hold the 90 amp load, while I remove the 60 amp breaker on side B and replace with 120 amp breaker.

    Assuming all my equipment will hold full load on half power ( load A or B) and no I cannot just depower things to make life easy.

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    I draw the line at getting naked!

    But willing to 'Bear' with you. Is this a question that is related to the AC service breakers?
    It is not clear what power distribution you are asking about?
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    Yes so long as the amp draw is less than the combined breaker ratings at the time.