4 pin micro-fit adapter?

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Not 100% sure where to post this... it's a pretty basic question nonetheless.

I have a special switching power supply with a 4 pin micro-fit plug.

Two problems.
1. I have limited space to install the power supply, and the plug fitting is a UK? two pin. By the time I add an AU adapter, its way too bulky.
2. the adapter has a 4 pin micro-fit plug for the device. This is a bit out of my understanding.

A few questions.
1. Are P3 and P4 the only pins being used? - see image.
2. if so, where can I buy an adapter that would fit a standard power supply (i.e 2.1mm) to suit the 4 pin connection on the device? I've googled high and low!
3. do you have any alternative suggestions?

Thanks, relying on expert opinion!!