3 phase rectifier

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    Aug 18, 2014
    Hi y'all,
    I am Rev Pops aka Matt Pittaway, age 57, from Detroit.

    I have an older motorcycle (77 kz650) that uses plugs, points and condensors, as well as a separate voltage regulator and rectifier.
    Fried 1 of the diodes on the rectifier ($115) but it appears to be simply 6 diodes in a circuit with a ground and positive, all on a heat sinc.

    My Ohmeter shows like 5.7 on the decebel/diode test and nothing the other way on 2 of 3 stator wires from the rectifier. The 3rd is wandering in the 1200 - 1900 range, so I guess the 3rd is the reason my battery shorts right out instantly.

    How do I determine the correct diodes to use to build my replacement?
    The alternators on these bikes charge 30-80 volts varying around 20-30 amps. also would I put a cap to level out the signal and how to do the math? I have a semester of college electronics just got into 3 phase.
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