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Hello everybody from Italy, this is my first post.

I need a step-down dc/dc converter to be used as a front end for a 2kW HF-generator.
The input voltage is 320V.
The output voltage will be adjusted directly from the HF-generator CPU in the range from 100V to 300V: the goal is adjusting the HF-generator power just acting on its supply voltage.

I was thinking to design a simple non-synchronous buck converter with a 300uH inductor, that should be fine for about 50kHz switching frequency.

My concern is that currently I'm not sure that the microprocessor on CPU card will be fast enough to close the loop. And also I'm afraid that its PWM output will not have enough resolution at 50kHz to guarantee a decent regulation. Therefore I would use a simple analog controller ic to generate the PWM and close the voltage loop. Then the HF-generator CPU will simply give the set to such controller ic and close the power loop.

What do you think about this approach ?
Considering that any power change will be very slow I guess that a voltage mode operating controller will be ok: can you suggest an easy-to-use controller ic that will not require plenty of external components ?

Thank you