230 V 1 phase electric motor wit 2 capacitors.

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I'm new here. Hope you will help me.

I have single phase 230 V motor and trying to connect it. There is no schematic left only loose wires from electric motor and don't know how to connect it. A have 2 pares black winding and one pare is blue. So six wires in total. Blue wires has ~5 Ohms resistance, black wires 4 Ohms. Motor spining air-kompressor.

Plate on engine:
230 V 50 Hz; 2.2 kV; 13,5 A, cosφ=0.98, CB 40+50μF.

So I assume engine shout have 2 capacitors connected to it. Running cap of 40μF and 50μF start capacitor

So I have managed to run it with connection like that:
But I think it's running not in regular required speed. Also it reaching 5 bars (75 PSI) and stops.
I found one more schematic but not really know if it going to work:

Maybe someone has any ideas how to launch it properly. And what I'm missing here.

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