220V DC Power Supply in North America

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Mr. Multimeter

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I purchased (accidentally) a Power Supply that is rated 220V (non switching), from a vendor on Ali...I was unaware it was a European 220V input, It has worked flawlessly on 120V AC, no ripple or noise, solid and stable....how is this possible??


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Many SMPS power supplies will operate across quite a voltage range, the crunch will probably come when you try it with the rated current.


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As others have said, these switching power supplies can use a wide range of input voltages. Maybe the seller was advertising as 220V to cater a specific market - who knows?

Just tried it, no problem, brought it to the 6A limit and displayed at 6.00A spot on ...???
Keep it running at maximum output for some time (half hour? one hour?) and monitor it closely to avoid any nasty surprises.