2 Wire door lock actuator circuit

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I am trying to free myself from all of the additional keys in my cupholders/glovebox of my ute and have decided to wire the locks of my under tray drawer and toolboxes to the main key-less entry system. All of the mechanical side of things is relatively simple, its just the power that i can see myself having a little bit of an issue with.

I don't want to just splice all 3 additional actuators to a single door lock and hope that I don't burn out the key-less entry control module because i know from experience the key itself is worth $600 to replace, I can only imagine they will be after a kidney for an entire system. To the best of my knowledge, I am after a H-Bridge to run these additional locks, now it has been a few years since I have had my hands on one so they have returned to the realm of black magic in my mind. In the past I have used: This H-Bridge so I will base my questions around this, bare with me I'm trying to get my knowledge in writing to see if I can spot any errors

1. The IN pins control which polarity comes out of the relay end, (i.e. IN1 positive power = normal power out, IN2 +ve = reversed) but only the positive signal is needed because the circuit uses the ground in on the hot side of the relay. As I will be splicing in from a 2 wire actuator that grounds one wire and supplies 12v to the other will this cause an issue (mainly the pin being pulled to ground, im not sure if it needs this or an open circuit).

2. Secondly, what is the typical reaction speed of these type of modules? the lock and unlock signals will only be rather short and I dont want the actuators stuck in limbo.

3. The power output of these modules is 2A bridged (just read again, 2A PER BRIDGE), the actuators draw about 2.4 for less than a second, is there a cheap beefier alternative?

4. Is there a better way to do this in general?

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