2 temperature controllers to 1?

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We are looking to use only one temperature controller.
2 temp. controllers
2 thermocouple
2 heaters

1 temp. controllers
1 thermocouple
2 heaters

Please help with rewiring.


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Why do You want to change the operation of the Controller(s) ?

Where is "Pin-1" ?
Where is "Pin-2" ?
I see no Thermocouple-Amplifier in the Schematic, ( maybe I'm blind ).

I would just start-over, instead of trying to
"fix" an overly-complicated and clunky, ~25-year-old Controller.
There are far simpler, and much more compact, methods of controlling Heaters.
And, they're Cheap too.
You could just gut, and re-use the same Box.

What is the "Type" of Thermocouples used ?
What Temperature-Range must the Heaters operate within ?

Are both Thermocouples known to be in good working-order ?

Several sharp-Pictures of the
Thermocouple / Heater mounting arrangements or future possibilities, would be very helpful.

Creating a new Heat-Sink / Heater-Mounting Arm / Bar / Plate
would probably be a good idea after ~25-years of service.


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When I would do a ladder drawing that included a controller, The contacts in the controller were shown along with the connector number and pin number. THAT convention allowed doing diagnostics from the drawing. And if I had to service the system a few years later it was possible to do it and look good and explain what happened. Putting all the needed information in the drawing is good. Leaving it out is the trademark of lazy folks. Some do it much better than others.