#electrical circuit

  1. A

    2 temperature controllers to 1?

    Hi, We are looking to use only one temperature controller. Original: 2 temp. controllers 2 thermocouple 2 heaters Adjusted: 1 temp. controllers 1 thermocouple 2 heaters Please help with rewiring. Thanks.
  2. elerner

    Need help electrical engineering

    so I decorated my home with these types of light(image for reference only) before i went out. When i came back home it was already dark and the light was plugged in the socket but the switch was still off. But I saw it was glowing little, there was a small current in the wires of these light...
  3. N

    Explain about time domain and phasor domain in electrical circuit

    Why analysis method circuit such as: Mesh, Nodal analysis, superposition, in electrical circuit can be apply in phasor domain