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    Aug 28, 2014
    Can u give me idea on how i can do this using logic circuits . thanks

    everytime a player shoots a ball, a score will be displayed in the 7 segment. will increment to 1 everytime the ball is shoot. limited to a score of 9
    - the sensor would be the LDR and LED. to make the scorer automatic. inside the shooting ring, there is a LED and the sensor.
    everytime the sensor did not sense any light from the LED. the score will be increase by 1. so to make that,
    there is a connection of LED inside the ring that will break everytime a ball is shoot so if the Ldr did not sense the light anymore,
    the score in the 7 segment will increase.
    -the buzzer will turn on when a player already reaches the score of 9
    - there are two winning indicators for each player. (2 LEDs). When the player successfully reaches a score of 9, the LED of that player will light also the buzzer will buzz