1Hz Oscillator using Op Amp


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Although the output doesn’t seem to oscillate now.
Sometimes in simulations, you have to add a perturbation to get an oscillator to start.
You can use the .uic command to avoid the initial bias calculation which can leave it in a non-oscillating state, or add a small current generator pulse into the feedback loop.

I need help creating a 1Hz oscillator using an op amp and passive components, I’ve been trying but can’t get the theory to match the simulations.
Does it have to be sinusoidal? If you can get away with a pulse or square wave then make a divider and divide your 120Vac line frequency by 60. Build an RC front end to drive a photocoupler like an NEC2502-1 outputting a 60Hz square wave. Then use your choice of digital divider (TTL, CMOS, etc...) to divide by 60. Produces a very stable and rather accurate 1Hz output.

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Hi everyone, thanks for all the advice.

I have managed to create a circuit now using a OPAMP 741 Multivibrator Circuit with oscillation frequency of 1Hz.

Thanks again.