14VDC to 12VDC? flickering light bar

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by na96ek, Dec 20, 2014.

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  1. na96ek

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    Dec 19, 2014
    Long story short I bought a used Baja Designs LED light bar for my truck, and after wiring everything up I am left with an issue. When the truck is not running and the voltage is around 12.8V the light operates perfectly.. When I start the truck and the voltage goes up around 14.2V it flickers. When I run the truck and turn on the A/C, radio, headlights, hazard lights etc and get the voltage down to around 13.3V the light is again fine.. What I am seeing essentially is that the light does not like much over 13V... Which is weird to me and I have consulted with Baja designs on this today but the gentleman I spoke with was not educated enough to help me resolve this issue and told me he would be having their "head engineer" consult with me sometime next week, but with the holidays approaching I'm figuring it may be awhile so I'm taking matters into my own hands for now.

    What options do I have for limiting the voltage on the light wiring to 12-13V... I have searched around and couldn't come up with anything solid. It needs to be able to pass 15A safely (that's what the fuse is rated for) so some of the cheap voltage regulators I looked at were only capable of doing 6 or 8A

    any insight on the matter is appreciated, or if you have any other ideas or suggestions I'm very open to them, thanks!
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