12v Push Relay Switch?

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Hi guys,

Newbie to the forum here, but having a bit of a project i would like some help with.

I'm building a tablet into a friends car (his idea)

I need to find a circuit or relay or similar that will follow this guideline. His requirements are, that when his ignition is on +12v the button on the side of the tablet is pressed (Switches the screen on) and when the ignition is off 0v the button on the side is pressed again (Switches screen off)

Is there anything like this available?, i know i will have to modify the button of the tablet. Thats not a problem. it's just finding a relay or circuit that allows a Push Button option when +12v is applied and again when 0v is applied.

Any help would be greatly Appreciated



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Where are you from? If the US, sorry, but I suspect that your friends idea might be considered illegal in most states. For example, in New York the law reads "TV Screen must not be visible to the driver." While the laws forbid TV or TV like screens (and not a computer screen) explicitly, I might want to investigate.

Look up your state's restrictions at this link: