12v DC motor controller Golf trolley/caddie

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Hello first time here
My trolley died ,so i took the controller apart to look for anything obvious .When i eventually put it back together it sort of come back to life??
I turn it on, rotate the switch/potentiometer and you can hear a slight buzzing from the controller ,i have to rotate it nearly all the way before the motor kicks in but then the trolley shoots off .Where before it was a sort of soft start and rotate the potentiometer to the desired speed ,now its nothing/buzzing or full power/speed
Ive tried a new Potentiometer and still the same
A new controller is £45-50 which isn't a option at the moment
Is there anything obvious / easy i could try/replace ??

The easiest would probably get a replacement DC Controller ,but i might need help getting the correct one
I found these ,The potentiometer on mine has only 2 wires these have 3 or more

Old Controller = Zonefollow
cct Board = ZF0205 issue 3
Relay = hke cma4-s-c

Trolley motor = 12v 150w



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Ok ,ill just buy a replacement
The 2 i've short listed above seem powerful enough but my only concern is the potentiometer wiring .
Mine only has 2 wires where the replacements has either 3 wires or 5 wires.
I only need it to run forward and soft start not essential but not full speed straight away



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Most PWM controlled in analogue fashion with a pot use 3 terminals (potentiometer) rather than 2 wires, (variable resistor).