1. klopix

    looking for very special push button switches

    Hello world, I'm desperately looking for switches like the one attached to this message for a personal product design. If anybody got any idea where I could find them I would be very grateful. TIA
  2. Finally,  a Breadboard Friendly Tactile Switch

    Finally, a Breadboard Friendly Tactile Switch

    This is the first in what I hope to be a series of concise posts on useful items I have found from online sources. I would appreciate feedback on the format and content. Please let me know if you find this sort of thing useful. Suggestions on improvements are very welcome. At a glance…...
  3. S

    Engine control IC simulation

    Hi, I want to simulate the product in the link in a spice program, but there is no spice file provided by the manufacturer. How can I simulate the functions of this product in a program like LTspice? - Product : https://www.nxp.com/part/MCZ33810EK#/ - Datasheet ...
  4. FlowJuggler

    Opening and closing a simple, inaccessible circuit with an impact such as a tap or slap

    I am trying to turn on and off an LED that is contained within a small sack of sand. I am seeking a switch or sensor that will help me accomplish this goal. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  5. T

    Needing to replace lighting controller

    Hey everyone, Hoping someone can help me out with this. I have a church that has an 8 scene programmable lighting switch (Leviton 408CP Luma-net Remote Memory Control Panel) but either they no longer sell these or they are literally out of stock everywhere. I was wondering what I could replace...
  6. P

    Circuit Design for Toddler’s LED “busy board”

    Hi there, I am new to this form and new to electronics in general. Apart from occasionally wiring a plug I haven’t really dealt with electronics since leaving school 15 years ago. I am planning on making a “busy board” for my son. It’s basically a 200 x 120 x 50 mm plastic box with holes...
  7. G

    Replacing Tactile Switch

    Hi, I need help determining which switches to use to replace the ones that are intermittent on the controls for my electric blanket. I believe it's this one, based on how it looks, but I don't know whether or how to determine if it's 24v or 12v. The switches don't always work when pressed...
  8. F

    Switch 60v with ,max 30v relay??

    Hi guys and girls, I need your help! I have several standard 5v relays, you know the type standard blue Square blocks. They are rated 30v DC or 250V AC I need to use them for 40-60v contactor, about 0.10- 0.15A current draw. (11w during making contact, 7w continue) The Contactor does higher...
  9. Dimbel36

    IGBT Gate Driver Selection

    Hello, I'm designing a resistive load bank. Currently, I am designing the switch that will be controlled by a control signal via Arduino uno rev 3. The bidirectional switch is composed of two back-to-back igbts connected by their emitters with anti-parallel diodes. (Due to cost, there are two...
  10. M

    SPST pin configuration

    Hello fam, I ordered a SPST switch (Through hole type) from distributors and also download the cad file for PCB layout from the same website. I am now confused with the pin configuration, in the footprints it has 3 holes. Usually the SPST switch has only 2 pins right?. I have gone through the...
  11. fried-motherboards

    Figuring out switching mechanisms for 2 power supplies wired to 3 US Power sockets

    I'm working on a project that requires saving as much space as possible (making an ammo box that holds & powers a soldering iron + battery charger from either an internal battery or wall power). I have two power supplies that will need to go to three mounted 120v AC U.S. power sockets. I need a...
  12. Elusive

    How to make a momentary switch deliver a pulse on one circuit, while also closing another circuit until it is pressed again

    It has been over a decade since I've done anything circuit related, and I found out the hard way that I have forgotten basically everything. I am trying to make a buttonpanel acting as an input interface for PC using an arduino. I want to have 32 different momentary inputs in a 4x8 matrix. My...