Finally, a Breadboard Friendly Tactile Switch

This is the first in what I hope to be a series of concise posts on useful items I have found from online sources. I would appreciate feedback on the format and content. Please let me know if you find this sort of thing useful. Suggestions on improvements are very welcome.

At a glance…

B1C881E3-1674-4BD8-8263-279D6D18737A.jpegProduct   6*6*5mm Tactile Switch  with .254 mm Spacing and 7 mm Leads
Price     ~.03 USD / ea.          including shipping (2022-09-04)
Rating   5/5                  for breadboard use I haven’t found anything better
Seller    WEIDELY STORE        on AliExpress

These switches are cheap and cheerful, offering at least the middle range of similar switches in terms of quality, with the added benefit of leads long enough to securely hold them in standard breadboards. While I might want something better made for a critical application, the quality of construction appears more than enough for sustained use in breadboard applications.

One of the things I have found a constant annoyance is using tactile switches in breadboards. Those with through hole leads are always just too short to be reliable. They “work”, for some values of work, but they always seem to be just the right length to eventually pop out of the board. I have resorted to soldering clipped resistor leads to extend the existing ones, but this makes the switch stand proud of the breadboard by the length of the original leads and besides it’s a pain in the neck to do the soldering.

So, when I saw these on AliExpress, I figured even if they just didn’t work I wouldn’t be out much for the experiment. I ordered 50 and received them in the specified time (I always pay the couple of bucks extra for faster shipping with tracking, so the price above includes that. I strongly recommend you do the same).

They arrived in a thin zip-lock bag though quite thoroughly padded for their long ocean voyage. None were damaged or even bent. The bag though took the brunt and I discarded it and replaced it with my own. First inspection showed them to be no worse than any inexpensive tactile switch but of course sporting those lovely 7 mm leads.

I immediately tried one in a breadboard and it was perfect. The lead spacing and width fit perfectly. They lie flush with the surface and are even a little hard to remove. The leads are not over sized and I don’t foresee damaging breadboard contacts with these.

Overall, I highly recommend these. I give them 5/5 for the intended application. I haven’t found anything better. If you need tactile switches for breadboards I encourage you to buy some of these. I immediately ordered 150 more, so with 200 on hand I have what might be a lifetime supply.

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