1. Rossosaurus

    Need a hand understanding a section on datasheet example schematic (CYPD3177 USB-C Controller)

    Hi all. I'm currently designing a circuit using a CYPD3177 USB Type C Controller to change the output voltage of a USB C power supply with power delivery support. I was looking at the example schematic in the datasheet to understand how the chip is used but I'm struggling to get my head around...
  2. Luiz Fernando Vieira

    CADENCE is disabling functions alone

    Hello everyone, I am contracting problems, in CADENCE for some modification I do not know bug the same. I am it locks or closes alone, when I return the functions are disabled, the worst I have to do all over again, nor can I simulate again, see the images for better understanding. 1-the arrow...
  3. Analog Ground

    How were "Outside Foil" connections on vintage foil capacitors documented?

    In another thread, I learned about the "Outside Foil" designation on one lead of some vintage foil capacitors. How was this connection specified on schematics or other documentation? Here is an example of the indication.
  4. Crazy_BJT

    Troubleshooting/repair Hameg 1500 scope

    Hi there to you all, I need some help with a troubleshooting/ repair. I have an analog/digital oscilloscope Hameg HM1500, it has some RTC problem, it presents a partial sweep. I think is the horizontal circuit, that's either missing a voltage or there is some faulty component. The only problem...
  5. G

    CRS Robot & C500C Wiring

    Hi all, I need a little help interpreting this schematic and doing some wiring for the System Input/Output plug that connects to the rear of the C500C CRS Robot Controller. My goal is to get the plug hooked up to an Opto22 R1 Controller. I'm guessing I'll have to use SNAP-ODC5 modules. If I...
  6. N

    Data Acquisition System

    I got handed the schematic that is attached, and am challenged to build a data acquisition system for a Baja vehicle which is basically like an off-road vehicle. Can anyone please explain this schematic a little bit to me? I haven’t worked to much in this area, but just need to get a better...
  7. super7800

    first fpga schematic and pcb design help

    hello! i am a second year first semester EENG student, and for the digital project this semester we are tasked with programming a fpga to do something (i.e. clock, calculator, stop light, etc). Disclaimer: *the project requirements does not include creating a circuit. most/all are simply using...