1. C

    Please help!, What is it designed to do?

    Can anyone tell me what this is??? What is it designed to do? And how new is it perhaps?
  2. D

    Choosing Resistors for IR LED

    Hi guys, I hope I'm in the right place for asking this question. Note: I'm a complete amateur in regards to Electronics so apologies if this might be a stupid question.. I've recently built a headtracking device for use with flight simulators. The circuit is as simple as it gets: A 3V...
  3. F

    Question about the feasibility of a 240v -> 676v multiplier schematic

    Hey, I saw a schematic floating around for a "two phase" Cockcroft-Walton voltage multiplier. I was wondering if this would essentially work the same with a 3 wire (2 lives, 1 neutral) 240v supply. I had a couple concerns about it so I figured I would post it here to get some information about...