1. ALjubovic

    Ladder Logic for variable Analog Output

    Hello. I am an intern engineering student, and I was assigned a fun project of making an automated hydrostatic pressure testing system. Right now a operator manually turns a pressure regulator which feeds an air-driven liquid pump, this pump then pushes out water on the other side and into our...
  2. D

    IR sensor to PLC connection

    I plan to use an IR transmitter and receiver with 24V supplied by the PLC, I'd then attach the output from the transistor to one of the PLCs digital inputs. Was wondering whether the circuit included would work okay? If not how can I improve it? Cheers
  3. E

    Upgrading Old Semiconductor Equipment??

    Hi Everyone, I need you all feedback/opinions about what could be the best way to update old Semiconductor Equipment. Currently our Equipment runs using the OEM SW base on windows and has a determined amount of digital/analogs inputs that we can monitor (Essentially we have used them all) and...
  4. cyberpks

    Control PLC with SLMP over ethernet

    I did a lot of research for being able to control my Mitsubishi FX-5U PLC. I want to control it over network using SLMP with 3E frame messaging, but I am unable to understand the message frame. I am referring this manual. But despite spending days I haven't been able to understand how to...
  5. maitrey

    Design Reference Sources (NFPA, NEC Codes & Standards)

    Hello All, I am a young professional electrical engineer who has just started working in Automation field. We build customized panels including PLCs, HMIs, Pushbuttons, Lights, Relays etc., I have been searching for a reference codes and standards that can be helpful for designing and wiring...
  6. maitrey

    Software to develop electrical wiring diagrams (Training)

    Hello Everyone, I am a young professional who has just started working in automation Industry as an electrical engineer and looking for a light scale software to develop electrical wiring diagrams for automation projects. My circuits mainly consists of PLC, HMI, IOs, E-Stop, Switches, Sensors...
  7. B

    Ability of PLC's to communicate via 4-20mA and 0-10volts between laboratory devices and the PLC

    Hey guys, I'm studying electrical engineering technology and the Coronavirus turned my capstone project into a research paper. My assignment is on PLC's, which we have covered the basics of, but I still know little about how they operate. Here is the prompt: "Research the ability of PLC's to...
  8. maitrey

    Communication Protocols :- DeviceNET, Profibus-DP and Profinet

    Hello, I am designing an automation solution where I have 40 Electrical valve acuators to connect my PLC. I am considering two types of actuators with different communication technology. Solution 1: Modbus TCP/IP Solution 2: DeviceNET, Profibus DP and Profinet (Not quite familiar with this)...
  9. G

    CRS Robot & C500C Wiring

    Hi all, I need a little help interpreting this schematic and doing some wiring for the System Input/Output plug that connects to the rear of the C500C CRS Robot Controller. My goal is to get the plug hooked up to an Opto22 R1 Controller. I'm guessing I'll have to use SNAP-ODC5 modules. If I...