1. Kadav

    Number of atoms in helium liquid

    Hello I have a question in my exercise that I need to ask about . the number of atoms in a helium liquid particle whose size is 0.708nm (I did not want to say lattice constant because I imagine helium liquid does not have a lattice structure because it is not crystalline.) Another...
  2. Kadav

    Continuum of nanoparticles (cobalt ) meaning

    Hello i am doing an excercise and they asked me to tell if a cobalt crystal is continuum or not ? But i don't know the meaning of continuum , and can not find it on internet either . Can you please give me the definition of continuum ? like continuum of cobalt nanoparticle thanks
  3. Comrade Pingu

    A quick question about thermal voltage

    I was skimming around G. D. Mahan's Condensed Matter in a Nutshell and came across a pretty interesting nugget: \[ \varepsilon (k) = \frac{\hbar^2 k^2}{2 m^*} \sim k_B T \,. \] (It's important to draw a distinction between \( k \), which is the lattice's wavenumber, and \(k_B\), which is the...
  4. M

    How do you solve the following dependent circuit problem? I tried to use KVL to get i1, but I got .44, which is the wrong answer.

    Circuit problem: I have the answers to it, but I need to know the process of how to get there.