1. genxium

    Quick doubts on FinFET

    There're many articles and videos in the internet saying that FinFET has a big advantage in transistor density, however it's difficult for me to find an example about how one FinFET's fins are actually connected to other electrodes such that the density is increased compared to using MOSFET. I...
  2. B

    PCB Review - 200V Flyback Converter

    Hello, I have a first draft of a 24VIN 200VOUT PCB and I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions, especially from anyone who has experience with switching power supply design. This is a two-layer board with a ground plane on the bottom layer. Some things that I considered while laying out...
  3. Younes Thabet

    What cases to use slots/cutouts in PCB and based on which parameters we deduce their dimentions!?

    Hello all, I am designing a PCB that contains some relays, so I decided to use cutouts to separate relay's contacts (depicted by green in image below) and maybe Neutral/line based on what I have seen in some PCB designs... my questions are: what is the purpose of cutouts/slots other than...
  4. 8

    PCB Layout - Bluetooth Antenna

    Hello, I made a breakout board for the STM32WB55 and want to use the bluetooth capability of it. Since I never did any layout with RF specs, I wanted to ask some experienced people wether or not the board I designed would 1.) boot up, and 2.) would be able to use the bluetooth feature. The top...
  5. E

    How calculate the track width in Altium designer?

    Hey Peeps! Hope you all doing good. i'm currently designing a pcb in Altium designer for 2 motors which will consume a current of approximately 5amp for a very short interval of time like 500ms or 1s max, how much should i keep the minimum track width?? Thanks
  6. P

    PCB Design: Footprint creation for Connector Molex Part 5024301430

    Could anyone provide me the knowledge on how to design the pads for this connector with special mark on point 7. How to handle the Shaded region in this design. 1. Is that need to be considered as a pad? (or) 2. Shaded region is no need to consider as a part in footprint? (or) 3. Shaded part is...