1. Pentinic

    First PCB design - How do I go about testing before production?

    As the title states this is my first PCB I have designed purely through documentation, I have this designed through breadboards and breakouts but am attempting to put it all onto a single board so I can scale it down after I know it all works. Are there any people I can talk to to fix design...
  2. T

    Can I Solder a usb-c female to a dc output?

    I am trying to make a second monitor out of my old laptop screen. I have the control board already and it works, but I want to make it more compact. The screen takes a 12V power supply to power it, but I want to make it powered by plugging it into the USB port on the computer. My idea was to get...
  3. D

    Step Down Circuit help

    So, I'm replacing my head unit with a raspberry pi4 and a touch screen. I plan to have a switch for running it off the car battery without a key. and some type of warning system to say if the battery is getting too low to start the car. The car would supply 12V 15 A on accessorie and 10 A...
  4. decltype

    Pushing TS555 to Mhz region

    Hello. A novice searching for guidance here. I'm trying to assemble a simple schematic that'll give me 1-2 Mhz (actually 1.65) square signal. After fruitless attempt at classical multivibrator with 2 transistors, I moved on to ICs. First tried NE555, but after some research I figured that it...
  5. G

    Nand circuit, placement of resistor.

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and also a newbie who is teaching himself. I have one question: How come if i put resistor R1 before the output, the output is always 1? Even if A and B have an input signal.
  6. G

    Two LEDs and 2 SPST. Four states?

    Hello, Newbie question I have a device that have two SPST relays that I control. From these relays, I would like to control the ON/OFF states of two LEDs (red and green) and a high/low brightness state. This gives four possibilities: Red High brightness Red Low brightness Green High brightness...