1. dephlated

    I'm Building an Optical Compressor pedal and need some help with the signal flow

    I am currently studying music production at University and for my final project I'm building an opto compressor pedal for my bass, it is focused around a VCA and is inspired by the compressor designed and built by Moritz Klein. I'm unsure of what the signal flow out of the VCA would be, would it...
  2. J

    Product request/suggestion. DIN programmable PSU

    Hi guys, My name is Matt, nice to meet you all (1st post). I'm in the market for a Power Supply, but having trouble identifying a product that will meet all of my criteria. What would be the best place to ask a product request question, I'm new here and don't want to break any rules. Could I...
  3. Pentinic

    I2C No longer finding SSD1306 display

    Hi all, I have a design for a SSD1306 display driver below that I tested last night and worked (given the I2C address sometimes changed out of nowhere and every couple hundred frames would have artefacts), however this morning the display is no longer even being detected by an I2C bus scan. I...
  4. Flawake

    limiting the current when driving a BLDC motor

    Some background information: I am a newbie to hardware design I got a project with my classmate to design and make a turntable. The teacher already got us a brushless motor we need to use with a maximum power of 52W: Motor...
  5. Pentinic

    First PCB design - How do I go about testing before production?

    As the title states this is my first PCB I have designed purely through documentation, I have this designed through breadboards and breakouts but am attempting to put it all onto a single board so I can scale it down after I know it all works. Are there any people I can talk to to fix design...
  6. T

    Can I Solder a usb-c female to a dc output?

    I am trying to make a second monitor out of my old laptop screen. I have the control board already and it works, but I want to make it more compact. The screen takes a 12V power supply to power it, but I want to make it powered by plugging it into the USB port on the computer. My idea was to get...
  7. D

    Step Down Circuit help

    So, I'm replacing my head unit with a raspberry pi4 and a touch screen. I plan to have a switch for running it off the car battery without a key. and some type of warning system to say if the battery is getting too low to start the car. The car would supply 12V 15 A on accessorie and 10 A...
  8. decltype

    Pushing TS555 to Mhz region

    Hello. A novice searching for guidance here. I'm trying to assemble a simple schematic that'll give me 1-2 Mhz (actually 1.65) square signal. After fruitless attempt at classical multivibrator with 2 transistors, I moved on to ICs. First tried NE555, but after some research I figured that it...
  9. G

    Nand circuit, placement of resistor.

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and also a newbie who is teaching himself. I have one question: How come if i put resistor R1 before the output, the output is always 1? Even if A and B have an input signal.
  10. G

    Two LEDs and 2 SPST. Four states?

    Hello, Newbie question I have a device that have two SPST relays that I control. From these relays, I would like to control the ON/OFF states of two LEDs (red and green) and a high/low brightness state. This gives four possibilities: Red High brightness Red Low brightness Green High brightness...