1. Laotzsa

    LED circuit troubleshooting

    Hello everyone. This is my first post on the forum, I am currently working on a seemingly simple circuit. I think a constant current driver is the solution; after wiring everything up last night the LED was nice and bright and circuit ran great. I decided to charge the Lipo over night, and when...
  2. C

    Charging 440 mah lipo battery with tp4056 module is OK?

    I have a tp4056 li battery charger and I ordered a 440 mah lipo battery. Is it OK to chare battery with this or will be the current too much for battery? Do I need to modify module?
  3. -live wire-

    DIY E-Scooter help - electronic breaking, pcb design

    Hi, I'm a rising freshman at Case Western University, and I would like to make an an electronic scooter to get around campus before I move in in about two months (mid august 2023). I already have a lot of the parts I would need for the project, like motors and motor controllers, among other...
  4. bmbouter

    DW01A in overdischarge protection mode and TP4056 won't start charging it

    My lipo battery is hard-wired into my circuit. The battery itself has a DW01A battery protection IC on it. Here's what I see happen. * The circuit running on battery power (no USB) runs its voltage down to 2.4 V when the overdischarge protection kicks in. The BAT+ and GND in my schematic at...
  5. zyf444e668

    What is going on with these Earbuds?

    I bought some rechargeable Earbuds. Very cheaply made. I cannot return them because I do not have the receipt. Besides, it's not worth the return. I plug them in to charge and the charge light on them go from Red for a split second and then stuck on Blue, but..turning them on does nothing. I...
  6. F

    DW01A on pcb and integrated on lipo: double charging protection ... will it still work?

    I've designed a circuit around the tp4056 with DW01A and FS8205A included, as well as load sharing capabilities. beneath circuit is what i use (minus load sharing) now that i'm sourcing lipo batteries, i see most of them have a protection circuit already build in with the same DW01A and...
  7. flasergames

    LiPo cell overdischarged (down to 0.7V) [charges just fine]

    Hello, I am currently re-purposing my old powerbank for a robotics project (BMS and LiPo will be integrated into a 3D printed case). The Powerbank (CellularLine FreePower Slim 5000) was unused for 7-8 months and while opening It, I measured the cell voltage, which turned out to be ~0.7 V...
  8. G

    Radio Control Airplane - Dual Battery Power

    Radio Control Airplane using a 20 cc gas engine with solid state ignition. Hall effect sensor used to trigger the ignition. Ignition has a shielded spark plug. I will be using 5 servos rated for 8.4 volts. Typically, they run with a 50 Hz signal, but different servos can have up to 400 Hz...
  9. Dinesh6252

    Can i use a 13s bms for a 7s project? And how?

    I have a 13s bms laying around and I want to use it as a 7s bms, is there a way to do that?any suggestions would be greatly helpful.
  10. L

    Passthrough charging question

    I'm trying to design a passthrough charging system for my rpi4b which requires 5v 3a max. I assume it means the regulator needs to handle 6a output if it handles the lipo charger too. I drew out a schematic with power transistors for control, but I'm not sure I set it up correctly. Will this...
  11. Nikolas_

    Battery charger circuit design

    Hey, so I am trying to design and build my own battery charger for 4 cell LiPos (including HV-LiPos with 4.35v/cell) but I don't have a lot of experience with circuit design. I designed this circuit so that it can either supply a constant voltage or constant current to the battery with the...
  12. guiguideb

    Off the shelf LiPo battery with protection circuits solution

    Hello, I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors. I'm working on a crowdfunding project that includes a small 5V motor (drawing 2A max) that needs to be powered by a rechargeable batterie via USB. Now I'm more into mechanic and such thing must be designed by an well trained...
  13. J

    LDO crash when Lipo reaches full charge with USB still powering.

    Hello, I'm just now getting into creating PCB's as a hobby, and created a little board that simply consists of a BLE module powered by a tiny Lithium polymer battery (40mah). Since the max operating voltage of the module is 3.6V, I also have an LDO that will drop the voltage down to 3.3V...
  14. -live wire-

    Need help finding BMS for this lipo battery.

    Hi, I'm going to get this 4S 7AH lipo battery for an RC project. I need a BMS for it that prevents short circuits and overdischarge. All of the BMSs I can find have a cutoff voltage of 2.5V! This doesn't seem good, as isn't it supposed to cut off at 3V to be safe and maintain its capacity!? So...
  15. S

    Charging & Powering Board Design

    Hi, I am looking to power a attiny85 with a LiPo battery, but I would like to have the ability to charge it through the same board. At the moment I am looking at the TP4056 with the FS312F-G and FS8250. So my question is, can I connect the battery to the attiny85 through the battery charger...
  16. zeeshandhillon

    Designing power bank circuit with BQ24195.

    I want to design a power bank control board for a single-cell lipo battery. The IC I have selected is BQ24195 by texas instruments. I think it is perfect for what I need. It comes with charge control, boost, voltage protection, I2C control, and many other features. But I have some doubts about...