1. userkalyegon

    2-digit up-down counter (0000 to 1010) in logisim

    Hello allaboutcircuits! The instructions for my task are above. There are no explicit restrictions, but I want to use flipflops for this one. We were taught no prior knowledge except basic gates and elementary logisim operation. I'm learning as I go and so far, an 11-state (0000-1010) up...
  2. Ayuu90

    Room Noise Detector

    Helloo does anyone know how to explain this circuit in detail, like what each part is meant for or is there any theoretical equations needed?
  3. alexkinglp

    Heart Rate Alert System

    Hello, I am pretty much new to Digital Circuits, I am having difficultly design this Heart Rate Alert System I got as a project. I am pretty much confused I was able to create like a simple alarm system that accepts the input of 3 sensors, if 2 of the 3 sensors are on it will trigger alarm...
  4. E

    Thevenin's Theorem

    Hello, I am new to solving things using Thevenin's Theorem and I am getting very stuck on a problem. I completed 5 other ones in no time but this one just seems to stump me. I have a program where I can check my answers after drawing out the circuit and I have no idea how to get the numbers...
  5. N

    Humidity sensor (HR202L) Help for a uni project.

    Hi there, I am trying to create a circuit to measure humidity in the air. When I try to interpret the values obtained, they do not correspond to the table of values that the manufacturer of the HR202L provides. Could someone explain to me the possible errors in my circuit or my calculations...
  6. Owari

    How to make a reset button on a digital clock (HELP)

    Hi there, My group is currently working on a digital clock project. The clock must have seconds, minutes, hours, days and months and a reset button. Currently, we already have most of them except the reset button. I just want to ask if there is a way to design a reset button for the above...
  7. N

    Resistors connected to op-amps

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to solve this assignment and I'm not sure what to do with all those resistors. Should I calculate an equivalent resistance for each group? And how do the resistors connected between the terminals of the op-amps influence the circuit?
  8. A

    Obtain the value of the 1dB compression point and calculate the amplitude of the third-order intermodulation product

    My attempt: One thing that confuses is that alfa3 is negative even though in my computations i should get a positive value, can you guys check if i did everything right? My attempt: Here i have the same problem as before, the alfa3 is negative. Can you guys check this one also?
  9. N

    Street light circuit

    Hello Everyone, I am designing a circuit that operates on pressure sensors to turn lights from red to green, green to yellow, and yellow back to red. I am implementing 2 of the 4 sides of an intersection due to redundancies. How would I design a circuit with 2 inputs and 2 outputs? My plan is...
  10. Swaysceptile

    How do I combine these two electronic circuits into one schematic (for project)?

    I started the basics of PCB and doing schematics around 6 weeks ago in my Computer Engineering Drafting and Design class. We used EasyEDA online tool to create the SCH and PCB for our assignments/activities. Our project now is to combine the circuits that we have made before into one system so...
  11. S

    Kmap help!

    I am grouping 1’s using the kmap below but I have no idea how to group the 1 that is circled in red. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  12. S

    80x86 internal registers

    Can someone please tell me how many registers are displayed, and what the sizes are in bits and words of the registers in the screenshot I provided.