1. N

    Resistors connected to op-amps

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to solve this assignment and I'm not sure what to do with all those resistors. Should I calculate an equivalent resistance for each group? And how do the resistors connected between the terminals of the op-amps influence the circuit?
  2. A

    Obtain the value of the 1dB compression point and calculate the amplitude of the third-order intermodulation product

    My attempt: One thing that confuses is that alfa3 is negative even though in my computations i should get a positive value, can you guys check if i did everything right? My attempt: Here i have the same problem as before, the alfa3 is negative. Can you guys check this one also?
  3. N

    Street light circuit

    Hello Everyone, I am designing a circuit that operates on pressure sensors to turn lights from red to green, green to yellow, and yellow back to red. I am implementing 2 of the 4 sides of an intersection due to redundancies. How would I design a circuit with 2 inputs and 2 outputs? My plan is...
  4. Swaysceptile

    How do I combine these two electronic circuits into one schematic (for project)?

    I started the basics of PCB and doing schematics around 6 weeks ago in my Computer Engineering Drafting and Design class. We used EasyEDA online tool to create the SCH and PCB for our assignments/activities. Our project now is to combine the circuits that we have made before into one system so...
  5. S

    Kmap help!

    I am grouping 1’s using the kmap below but I have no idea how to group the 1 that is circled in red. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  6. S

    80x86 internal registers

    Can someone please tell me how many registers are displayed, and what the sizes are in bits and words of the registers in the screenshot I provided.