Question about transformer.

    Hi . I recently acquired a 250vac 240v to 24v transformer. Which i am going to use for a project. Just want to confirm my numbers are right. 3 things. 1)That @24v the maxium i can draw is 10a. 2) 24×10= 240watts. Would a 1a fuse on the 240v side do as suitable protection. 3) As i have a earth...
  2. A

    Function Generator-Help.

    Hello guys! I have a problem, I want to build a triangular and rectangular signal generator with adjustable frequency between 5Hz and 1kHz , output current of 60 mA and Uvv=5V. I have a figure but when I increase Rf the amplitude increases and is limited after 100 Ohm. What should I do? Thanks...
  3. N

    Multiplexing channels in Labview

    Hi there! I am working on something similar and would appreciate if you could drop the vi. Much appreciated! Moderator Edit: Thread split off from this: https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/about-function-generator-and-multiplexer.138826/
  4. WakelessFoil

    Mystery Transformer on CNC

    Hello I’m new here but I’m in need of someone more experienced than I am. I’m working on a Japanese CNC mill from the early 1980s for my boss and I cannot figure out how this transformer is supposed to be wired. It has two inputs either 220v or 480v. We are feeding it 220 and that comes out...
  5. J

    Please help! 3-Phase rectifier + buck converter

    Im making a project where I need to rectify a 3-phase generator and charge a 12V battery. My buck converter is simulating fine using a DC source but when I connect my rectified power supply it messes everything up. This is my rectifier output. This is my schematic This is my rectifier's...
  6. G

    Design of 8-bit shift register

    Hi! I'm a student of Electric Engineering and I got a problem on a Electronic project. I have to make an 8-bit shift register with serial input and serial output. The basics of the project is that it has to have two push buttons: one will be a logic 1 and the other a logic 0. The shift register...
  7. Chroms Nguyen


    So I got this Finch Robot from my school. I do a lot of Java programming at school for my AP Computer Science class. I want to mess with stuff inside of it but I don't have any kind of knowledge about circuit board. I tried to google it but it seems like no one post stuff about the robot even...