1. psdkiajhn

    i need help with my tft display

    hello, i had a 9 inch monitor my car and after long time i open it and i want to use it's TFT display, i don't know how to use it but i know something: 1. it has 50 flat and one board on it, that merge the 50 flat from display and 10 flat from controller and send it to main board with 50 flat...
  2. A

    Metal detector circuit on Proteus, help.

    Hey there I'm currently working on project named metal detector circuit on Proteus there is no waveform showing on Proteus even there is no mistake in circuit can anybody help me in this regard.
  3. H

    Explaining the circuit diagram and so on

    Moderator note: English is the language of AAC. As a courtesy to a new member, a translation has been added to this post. In the future please use English for posts. Google translate or similar services are acceptable. TRANSLATION: 0-30 VDC STABILIZED POWER SUPPLY WITH POWER CONTROL 0.002-3...
  4. C

    Need help removing timer from PCB

    I have a model kit that comes with an LED kit and it has a 5 minute timer for the LEDs to stay on, then it'll turn off. I want to remove that timer so that the LEDs stay on indefinitely until i cut off the power or press the button to switch to a different lighting mode.
  5. alexbez


    Hey guys, I am trying to diagnose what the issue is with my Kurzweil CUP2 digital Piano The piano displays no sign of life besides a red on led. LCD screen does not display anything Buttons do not seem to do anything(there is a little red light above each button that indicates the "mode" it is...
  6. alexbez

    Relay bypass help needed!

    Hey guys, I am relatively new to micro electronics, and am in desperate need of help! I want to bypass the muting circuit in a electronic piano. This involves either activating the relay, or pulling it to ground (BA3-5 Relay, and the highlighted LS1 in the picture below). Please could someone...
  7. P

    ERROR: Time step too small; initial timepoint : trouble with node "n012"

    I am designing a circuit SAR ADC in ltspice. I've been facing this error and I've tried many tricks but I can't find the solution. I assume that the simulator does not find an initial point of operation. Ιn the circuit use the following components : 1) LF398 2) LM393 3) 74HCT273 4) 74HCT74 5)...
  8. M

    Help! Triac operation for AC motor

    Hello everyone and greetings. I have got my hands on this massage chair that has all it's functions working all right except for the up down mechanism. As soon as it is started the main assembly moves up and hits the upper limit switch but the drive motor does not stop and starts to vibrating...
  9. K

    Clock edge detector using capacitor and resistor problem

    I have watched recently this video: At the end of it he describe a way to make edge detector by using capacitor and resistor. The thing is i don't see it being discharged in any way. Would't it make it impossible to charge again and in consequence make current flow through the resistor and make...
  10. C

    Please help!, What is it designed to do?

    Can anyone tell me what this is??? What is it designed to do? And how new is it perhaps?
  11. R

    Need help. 8 bit binary to bcd conversion

    I recently made a 8 bit adder and I'm wanting to convert the 8 bit out put to bcd, what is the easiest way I could do this?
  12. M

    Help. Looking for replacement for power transistor.

    First of all, thank you for your kind help. The Rpm and gear selector of my guage cluster from the car decided to stop working. It's a digital cluster for gx81 Mark 2 (image for reference attached below). Upon initial diagnosis I found that one of the power transistor 2SC2334L had blown with a...
  13. Arduinoob

    MOSFET for boost converter

    I am making a boost converter following this Tutorial but I don't have the exact MOSFET. I have 2 motherboards laying around and they have some MOSFETs on them some of the names are: P3055, K3918,6670AL(datasheet inserted). There are high switching speeds but the datasheets don't have the max...
  14. IgnacioMorac

    Can I Turn On an XBee, ATMega328, RTC DS1307 and Catalex microSD adapter

    Hello partners I am an engineering student and I am doing my graduation project. I try to send information from the Photovoltaic Panel to the computer. In order to do this, I made a design of a circuit that can measure the voltage of a panel that is generating between 25 and 44 volts. This...
  15. E

    [help] LED matrix demonstration for climate change

    Hello! I'm a junior undergraduate pursuing a degree in electrical engineering and I have a project idea I've been doing some research on. I have some experience in mBED microcontroller programming and design (like PWM and serial connections). I also have some experience in PCB design and...
  16. Johnguru4life

    Up/down control for 1.5kW motor

    Please I need help in making a circuit that can make a single phase electric motor of 1.5kw to lift a load up and down by holding to its different switches. Thanks
  17. R

    How to power an old LED lamp via USB

    Disclaimer: I'm not an engineer, just a DIY enthusiast. So I have an cheap old plastic SMD LED desk lamp but its battery and circuit board are missing. I want to turn it into a USB powered lamp for my new apartment but I'm not sure of the best way to power it. It has 31 LEDs and the label on the...
  18. M

    Measure analog value in MCC

    Hello, my name is Niklas and I just have a problem with the analog measurement of a value. I use a PIC 16F1827 and program in MCC. I would like to perform a current measurement via an ACS712. My first problem is that I need to measure about 300 mA. Therefore I have to change Vref+ and Vref- of...
  19. D

    Electronic circuit for a dispenser

    Hi, I would like to request help from anyone who can help. I am currently doing a project which is creating a simple dispenser. This dispenser requires a programmable timer which when activated will cause a motor to rotate a piece of acrylic for about 0.75-1sec to release sand granules. The...
  20. O

    New to soldering, how to solder mini USB connector?

    My friend has a broken blue snowball microphone and its powers by a mini USB cable plugged into a computer, the mini USB connector somehow broke off the board and has been rattling around its casing, I opened it up and found where its supposed to be connected, is this saveable? could I just...