1. M

    Measure analog value in MCC

    Hello, my name is Niklas and I just have a problem with the analog measurement of a value. I use a PIC 16F1827 and program in MCC. I would like to perform a current measurement via an ACS712. My first problem is that I need to measure about 300 mA. Therefore I have to change Vref+ and Vref- of...
  2. D

    Electronic circuit for a dispenser

    Hi, I would like to request help from anyone who can help. I am currently doing a project which is creating a simple dispenser. This dispenser requires a programmable timer which when activated will cause a motor to rotate a piece of acrylic for about 0.75-1sec to release sand granules. The...
  3. O

    New to soldering, how to solder mini USB connector?

    My friend has a broken blue snowball microphone and its powers by a mini USB cable plugged into a computer, the mini USB connector somehow broke off the board and has been rattling around its casing, I opened it up and found where its supposed to be connected, is this saveable? could I just...
  4. Smapa

    DIY Hot Wire Foam Cutting Table (not working)

    Hi I am trying to build a hotwire foam cutting table and my wiring and parts are functioning but not the way they should as the nichrome wire is not heating enough and my dimmer stops at 60 (before it stars flickering) rather than 100, my knowledge for this sort of stuff is whatever comes before...

    Question about transformer.

    Hi . I recently acquired a 250vac 240v to 24v transformer. Which i am going to use for a project. Just want to confirm my numbers are right. 3 things. 1)That @24v the maxium i can draw is 10a. 2) 24×10= 240watts. Would a 1a fuse on the 240v side do as suitable protection. 3) As i have a earth...
  6. A

    Function Generator-Help.

    Hello guys! I have a problem, I want to build a triangular and rectangular signal generator with adjustable frequency between 5Hz and 1kHz , output current of 60 mA and Uvv=5V. I have a figure but when I increase Rf the amplitude increases and is limited after 100 Ohm. What should I do? Thanks...
  7. N

    Multiplexing channels in Labview

    Hi there! I am working on something similar and would appreciate if you could drop the vi. Much appreciated! Moderator Edit: Thread split off from this: https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/about-function-generator-and-multiplexer.138826/
  8. WakelessFoil

    Mystery Transformer on CNC

    Hello I’m new here but I’m in need of someone more experienced than I am. I’m working on a Japanese CNC mill from the early 1980s for my boss and I cannot figure out how this transformer is supposed to be wired. It has two inputs either 220v or 480v. We are feeding it 220 and that comes out...
  9. J

    Please help! 3-Phase rectifier + buck converter

    Im making a project where I need to rectify a 3-phase generator and charge a 12V battery. My buck converter is simulating fine using a DC source but when I connect my rectified power supply it messes everything up. This is my rectifier output. This is my schematic This is my rectifier's...
  10. G

    Design of 8-bit shift register

    Hi! I'm a student of Electric Engineering and I got a problem on a Electronic project. I have to make an 8-bit shift register with serial input and serial output. The basics of the project is that it has to have two push buttons: one will be a logic 1 and the other a logic 0. The shift register...
  11. Chroms Nguyen


    So I got this Finch Robot from my school. I do a lot of Java programming at school for my AP Computer Science class. I want to mess with stuff inside of it but I don't have any kind of knowledge about circuit board. I tried to google it but it seems like no one post stuff about the robot even...