1. T

    E-Catamaran Powertrain (Supercapacitors + Batteries?)

    Greetings fellow electro-heads! First-time member/poster here, so I'm hopeful for a warm welcome! =) I am currently designing a fun personal-vehicle project involving an electric catamaran/quad amphibious vehicle, and I am reaching out for some advice about the powertrain possibilities for a...
  2. G

    Motor Control Timer

    I have a customer that has a power washer hooked up to a Start-Stop Push Button control circuit. They want to add a timer where once the start button is pushed, will shut off the power washer automatically after a certain period of time (ie; 5 min). What kind of timer do I need to do this and if...
  3. Sheilarohr

    Complex circuit

    We are suppose to make a complex ckt with a 9v battry, a buzer and 2 lights. MY battery keeps heating up. Should i try a lower volate bulb?
  4. Deathbyfridgefreezer

    32amp weres it should be 16amp

    Could the electricians in science community explain to me how a 32 amp fuse on a circuit board which my fridge freezer is plugged into is safer than a a 16 amp fuse have I got it wrong the fuse rating is safe if because the dump from on the Neutral from 32 amps into the cleaner system doesn't...
  5. NiksonGjini

    How to fix connectors

    Hello , im Nikson Hope y’all are doing well. Sorry for my english first ! I bought this electric plate but I have no idea how to connect this electrical plate directly because I do not have the main connectors, is it possible to make from these wires into a functional outlet ? thanks
  6. Venia

    Pspice AC analysis of an equivalent mono phase circuit

    Hi! I've solved and simulated on PSpice a balanced three phase circuit and now I'm considering the equivalent mono phase circuit. I've already done the transient analysis and I'd like to know if I can run other kind of analysis such as an AC SWEEP/NOISE (to simulate the behaviour of the system...
  7. M

    AC DC conversion and power drill diy bicycle motor

    I have a few questions based on some little projects have been working towards finishing. The first one has to do with me trying to use my 120 AC powered corded drill as a simple converted bicycle motor. Show theme simple enough but my issue is how do I convert it to run on a battery? I would...
  8. J

    Type of this electronic Object / device

    Hi guys, Im fixing my communication board called : CENTRAL LIGHTSYS RP432M00000E and I found this device (see in the photo) is unattached /disconnected .. what type of this device? it sounds like capacitor but there's no symbol for if it's capacitor or whatever .. (there's nothing written on...
  9. H

    Motor rewind help

    Hi guys, I’m a trainee in motor rewinding, due to furlough I’ve been pretty much working on my own the last 4 months so trying to teach myself to some success but also becoming stuck as I am now. I have an old Woods of Colchester 60slot single phase 8pole perm cap 220/240 volt fan motor. It’s a...
  10. D

    Need Help on a PCB for a Lincoln Power Mig 180C

    Hey guys, I bought this powermig 180c a ferw years ago and during a little welding project of mine it started to act up. While welding it was as if someone turned the current knob all the way down. I stop and mess with it some and try to weld on the highest amp setting (which I never go up to)...