1. T

    Which (if any) capacitors for these DC/DC converters?

    I’m trying to choose/work out if I need capacitors for the input and output of two DC/DC converters. The first converter is a Murata PAE-29/3-D48, powering this along a ~30cm cable, and a bike headlight, using ~100ma with a ~40cm cable. The second is a Mornsun VCB4805SBO-30WR3 (5v version)...
  2. Bogdan_Ionut

    How to I know if an electronic component works with AC?

    I need to know if LM2596T-3.3 voltage regulator works with AC electricity. Datasheets doesn't specify the type of current.
  3. K

    Flash chip of Atari 2600 clone datasheet

    I found this chip in Atari 2600. What is the chip datasheet ?
  4. M

    Sampling Rate for DAC - Interpreting the Datasheet correctly?

  5. farzad latifeh

    MOSFET ohmic region, needs to be explained

    Can anyone explain to me how to understand the ohmic region of a MOSFET from its datasheet, or any formula to calculate the ohmic region according to the MOSFET datasheet, let's say IRFZ44n vs IRF3710, which one has a bigger ohmic region and how to analyze them accordingly? I am not an expert...
  6. W

    What does the datasheet say about the relay?

    I'm busy with a project that uses a Raspberry Pi zero and a relay. I've tried 2 relays and neither worked. I'd like some help to understand how to choose the correct relay, as well as which one will work. First, I used this one: SSR-100DA. I connected the input to the Pi, and the output to my...
  7. Andersons

    Two step pushbutton switches and weird datasheet numbers

    Hello. I’m looking for two step pushbutton switches (ON)-(ON). I was looking at this datasheet: https://eu.mouser.com/datasheet/2/603/p4-catalog-pdf-1145024.pdf In the section ”ACTUATORS FOR BASIC SWITCHES” for example rugged seal panel switches doesn’t make sense in reference to the ”P4 PART...
  8. T

    Understanding P-channel Mosfet Datasheet Plots

    I'm working with this p-channel mosfet and got confused by the plots on page 3. In particular the top right plot showing the Drain Current over V_GS (voltage from gate to source). As a p-channel mosfet, I would expect the drain current to go towards infinity as V_GS approached the Gate-Source...
  9. Rossosaurus

    Need a hand understanding a section on datasheet example schematic (CYPD3177 USB-C Controller)

    Hi all. I'm currently designing a circuit using a CYPD3177 USB Type C Controller to change the output voltage of a USB C power supply with power delivery support. I was looking at the example schematic in the datasheet to understand how the chip is used but I'm struggling to get my head around...
  10. T

    where to find the R_ESR of diode in Datasheet?

    I have been searching how can I read some important inofrmation for my PLECS model regarding this diode but could not find it. here is the link. I looked on google and I find some youtuve video on how to read a datasheet of diode but did not mention the resistance. link of the diode:diode
  11. R

    Help to find datasheets on CX20924 & CX22721

    Hello! I have a Synaptics AudioSmart 4-Mic Development Kit , but there are no datasheets for their chips. Specifically: CX20924 & CX22721. Please help me identify pins or find datasheets.