constant current

  1. W

    LT1085 constant current. will this work?

    Can an LT1085 be used as a constant current LED driver? There is no mention of it in anywhere in the datasheet, but since this is an LM317 replacement can I use it the same way?
  2. L

    How to dim a dimmable trafo with a touch dimmer

    Hello forum! I am a beginner in electronics and for a lighting project I bought a dimmable trafo and a touch dimmer with the hope to be able to combine these. The trafo is a MeanWell LDB-600L, that is a 600mA constant current trafo with a "DIM" input that takes either a PWM signal (100-1kHz)...
  3. Spaken

    Constant current source for piezoresistive sensor

    Hello. I am trying to make a pressure sensor using a CS040 sensor. The manufacturer sent me a complicated constant current circuit to power the sensor, but I wonder if there is a simpler way to power it. The sensor is piezoresistive. It outputs a voltage that varies with the pressure applied...
  4. Amir Mohammad Soltanpour

    How to limit LM2596 output current

    How can Lm2596 constant output current be limited ? How lm2596 cc cv module like in the picture control output current ?
  5. johnyradio

    Do LI Charger Chips Require Constant Current Input?

    LI charger chips are switching step-down converters with a constant-current mode. Say it's a single switch buck-type charger. It's input range is 5V to 10V, and is capable of charging cells at 2A. Will that chip require a 2A input regardless of Vin, whether 5V or 10V? Or, can the chip accept a...
  6. Dan Aronin

    XL6005 understanding the datasheet

    Hi all, a driver circuit needed for lighting a 30W LED* (one color) - I had a look at the XL6005 datasheet and wanted to make sure I understand it properly based on the following diagram**: 1. To drive the LED with 300mA I should make RS = 0.73 ohm (ILed=0.22/0.73=0.3A) 2. To limit the max...