1. cyberpks

    Longest Wired communication possible between devices in Ring topology

    Hi, I come from a Software background so my knowledge of Network communication is limited. I have been asked by someone to help create a wired network of devices connected in a ring topology. The devices connected will be addressable switching devices (relay switches) that will be used to...
  2. -live wire-

    Help talking to uart bus servos in 6 axis robotic arm

    So I am designing and building a 6 axis robotic arm and I really need help finding the right library and communication method to talk to the bus servos I have installed. This is the product page and this is the google drive with the documentation that the manufacturer provided. I also put an...
  3. onurdnz95

    LoRa communication with arduino

    I want to set up a communication system with lora module using arduino. The lora module is said to have a high range (<15km), but when I go about 50-100 meters away, my connection drops. Also, when I integrate a sensor into this system, I can't get an output from my sensor. When I try the same...
  4. mazraedar

    Wired communication between two fpga

    Hello everyone, First post here, I'll try to detail my issue as much as possible. So I have two FPGAs, each of them on a different card. Some pinouts communicate via a cable (with a total of 50 pins). The cable is pretty short ( 20 centimeters) and is fully Shielded. The problem beggins when...
  5. M

    Wireless power transfer device with data link

    Hi all, I have implemented a WPT system with communication in both ways using ASK. When I connected communication part on RX side the same way as on TX, there just was not enough amplitude change to be detectable on TX side. So I made communication part using two mosfet and capacitor. That was...
  6. E

    Communication failure using PCA9615 Differential I2C Bus Extender

    I have used PCA9615 differential I2C bus driver in one design to extend the I2C bus over CAT5 cable. (datasheet The design has been done according to the datasheet recommendation and with the help of a reference design of a popular open-source...