1. vonjyandriah

    Get data from car fuel gauge 12V to Arduino 5V

    Hello everyone, I am working on a small project consisting in recovering as much as possible the data of my car which is still old for its age (Peugeot 305 year 1985), so I am looking for a way to combine my project with the existing system in the car . My problem is that I am trying to recover...
  2. EricTurner

    Reading Speed (MPH) and Incline from MC-2100 powered treadmill

    I recently got a NordicTrack T5.7 treadmill which is powered by a MC2100LS-30. It is an older treadmill that works great, however one of the features of the new treadmills out today allow you to visualize your treadmill run like so: This is amazing to me, but my treadmill is not smart like...
  3. A

    Python for programming ESP8266/ESP32

    For all with interest in application of the ESP8266 and ESP32 family microcontrollers from Espressif, I would like to reccommend the following project we are working on. Based on Micropython, we havebuilt a basic framework for IoT projects with ESP chips. The framework has out of the box and...
  4. J

    From Arduino nano 33 iot to PCB, programming MCUs

    Hi!, I would like to convert my project, which I deployed with the arduino nano 33 iot, into a custom PCB. I have already created my layout design based on the arduino schematics provided on their website. My concern is how I am going to program the code. I have some main doubts: - The BLE...
  5. D

    5V PWM to 12V analog for lighting control. Arduino

    Hey, so I've got to build the circuit to output the signal specified below I've currently got an Arduino UNO and I have written the code to output this. however, I can only put out 5v from my Arduino and the circuit requires 12V and 10V output, being able to switch between12 and 0v incredibly...
  6. A

    Using a microcontroller to control / play categorized audio

    Hello Everybody! I'm making a project which is essentially an audio player. In my project I have many audio files which are sorted in different categories. For an example, Assume that my categories are 1) Home Automation 2) Car Electronics and 3) Drones Now I have several audio files under...
  7. G

    HW Interface to detect Radio Control Receiver PWM signal

    I am using an Arduino Pro Mini to detect a PWM signal from a radio control receiver. The input pin on the Arduino is supposed to be limited to 20mA current with a max current of 40mA. I plan on using a 220 ohm resistor in the circuit. Do I need a .1uF cap to ground (and what kind of cap)...
  8. R

    Arduino Mega 2560 controlled MPPT charge controller for small wind turbine.

    I am in the process of designing a MPPT controller for a wind turbine. There are plenty of MPPT boards (with BQ24650 MPPT charge controller ICs) but these are fixed voltage MPPT designs tailored for photovoltaic applications. So I decided to make a simple DC converter (buck boost design, non...
  9. Ðeejay Kital

    Arduino keeps resetting if pwm is enable

    hi i am trying to build an mppt charger using arduino nano and right now i am having a problem with my mppt. i already test all the components and working fine. the current sensor is okay and also the voltage sensor is okay. but when the mppt start pwm then the arduino keeps resetting every...
  10. jcordeiro

    Unsigned Char using RFID MFRC522

    I am brand new to Arduino programming and am having a difficult time getting my code to compile. The goal is to create a puzzle with four readers and to compare the UID codes and readers against a known key. In other words, put the tags in the correct order and the puzzle will unlock. I have...
  11. J

    Adafruit Micro Speech Demo using Mbed

    Hello everyone, Thanks for reading! My question is, how can I modify the Adafruit Micro Speech Demo to get it to work on an mbed dev board? Adafruit Micro Speech Demo Currently, I'm trying to run the Adafruit Micro Speech Demo on my Nucleo-F429ZI dev board, though it should really work on any...
  12. N

    From AC cheapest way to powerup electronics like our esp

    what else? Ways to Power a Project Here are some of the most common methods used for powering a project: USB Power Variable DC Benchtop Power Supply AC to DC Wall Adapter (like a computer or laptop would use) Batteries
  13. B

    "Control Panel" Play Station — How?

    Let me just state: I'm a totally newb (some entry-level Arduino and breadboard tutorials under my belt) and my vision is vastly outside the scope of my abilities, but I'm here to get some broad tips and feedback so that I can figure out where to begin on my path towards actualizing this project...