ZVS driver drawing too much current

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Recently I made a ZVS driver. I'm using a single output adjustable DC power supply to supply power to it and I've been measuring the distance the sparks jump along with the voltage and current draw. At around 10V, the DC power supply switched from constant voltage to constant current and starts drawing 2A out of nowhere when usually it should draw 0.8A without doing anything.
Below is what I've collected so far, and the schematic for the ZVS circuit is also attached in an LTspice file.

After the power supply switched to constant current i tried to lower the input voltage to 6V. Now, when i turn the circuit on, the power supply switches to constant current and supplies 2A to the circuit at 3.2V.
Does this mean that I've pushed the circuit past its limit and the MOSFETs have blown up?



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Did you simulate what effect in using a 10V supply on a 6V system design, before you used 10v.?

It is most likely damaged the PSU as well the MOSFETs


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