Yet Another Garage Door Problem

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I've read a slot of clever, unique, even wacky ideas for garage door openers - but only one struck me as elegant. And now I've gone and lost it! The problem is an Apple HomeKit-compatible opener for a two wire wired-garage door opener command - like Chamberlain and others. The circuit consisted of a HomeKit compatible smart socket powering a line voltage DPDT relay. Connected to opposing pairs on the replay were two sets of capacitor and resister wired in parallel. The garage door control pair were connected across the opposing outputs of the relay. When the replay was tripped there would be a short time (a few hundred milliseconds) when the capacitor in that leg charging, when the output pair would be actually connected. This is just an electronic version of a mechanical momentary ‘ON’ switch. The other side of the relay did the same thing again on the opposite ttitrip of the relay. But the details of the wiring, the values of the capacitor/resister pair and how to calculate the duration of the ‘connected’ state all elude me. Can anyone help me fill in the blanks please?