Yamaha Keyboard P-95 sound problem (3)

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I fixed my sound problem as well by replacing C216, C217, C408 and C112. Both speakers work again. However, left audio output is missing when I plug in external speakers or headphones. Any idea what might be the cause of this?

I kinda butchered the C217 replacement... The board came a little loose on the place where I soldered. Could that be the cause? Its also possible that the left audio output was already missing before the repair, and I just didn't notice untill now.

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If you are seeking advice on fixing a problem, please start a new thread.
Your problem is specific to your situation.

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The board came a little loose on the place where I soldered.
I can't form a mental picture from your description. A picture would be helpful.

Do you happen to have a schematic for this device? As I recall, one has never been posted and no one has ever taken the time to trace the circuitry to make one.