Yamaha Keyboard P-95, no sound

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Hi all...

Same story, my friend gave me a P-95 with no sound. After reading this forum, I decided to take it and ordered the 16V 100uF capacitors online.

Before desoldering, I checked the caps inside the circuit, and indeed C216 is open circuit (shows "OL" on my meter).

With a bunch of spare caps, I decided that I changed all the same value caps: C216, C217, C404, C408 and C112.

Close back everything, powered ON, wow the beast is alive!!!

Happiness is shortlive, it was alive like 1-2min, while excitedly playing, I heard a faint *pop* sound. Then there's no more sound. The power LED is still lighted, but there's no more sound.

I opened up to inspect, there's no burn marks, the caps all still looks good. I measured C216, C217, C404, C408 and C112 again, they have some values, not "OL".

I'm an electrical person, but not very expert in it.

I don't have spare parts on hand, will need to order. looked through the other caps, the remaining ones on the board are:
- 50V 10uF
- 50V 4.7uF
- 16V 33uF
- 25V 47uF

So should I also replace the remaining other caps? I'm on the verge of throwing this to the trash.

Thanks for any advice..

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No. don't throw it out.
I am not a fan of replacing capacitors willy-nilly. I try to trouble shoot by functionality.
If you are willing to spend some time and effort we can trouble shoot the keyboard and try to find what's wrong.


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Welcome to AAC!
I measured C216, C217, C404, C408 and C112 again, they have some values, not "OL".
If you measured them in-circuit, the measurements are meaningless. Only a short would be significant. The final failure mode is usually open circuit (which could have precipitated from an initial short circuit condition).


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My P-95 also had no sound but power light on. After reading related post on this forum, I found C408 is shorted. After replacing it, then I got the sound.
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