Work lights and head bands.

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I need to replace my bench mount illuminated magnifying lamp and wonder if anyone can recommend the illuminated magnifying headband style as an alternative.
Anyone made the switch? and any comments pro or con?


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Headband magnifiers have the advantage of unlimited field width since they track with head movement but especially at higher magnification, they have a limited depth of field and a shorter focal length so you end up bending your head down a lot even if you raise the work some.

If you get a headband magnifier, be sure it has or can accept a light, preferably two.


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I use a cheap headband with light from amazon. The focal length is short, so it's fantastic for inspecting things up close, but it's not good for soldering since your nose is only inches from the PCB. Separately I use just a plain spot light head band and it's great when magnification isn't required. I've always wanted to try the glasses mounted loupes like surgeons or dental people wear, but they are expensive so I haven't tried one yet. Like these:


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I've used both Donegan and Carson products. They all seem to need but lack a removeable, washable brow pad. I've seen surgical scrub caps and bandanas used but if I had to do it again I'd make some covers out of microfiber fabric.