Wiring light bar to 12v leisure battery...

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    Sep 7, 2015
    Evening Everyone,

    I am considering getting one of these:-


    but rather than hard wire it into the car I would prefer to have it wired to a separate 12v desire battery that I will have in the car.

    Do I need to add some kind of resistor and/ or fuse or can I, in effect, add some connectors to the ends of the wires and attach it directly to the battery?

    I should probably add that I am a motor sports marshal, and my vehicle is used at the "stop" station in rallying, and the light bar is just to identify my vehicle as an official vehicle rather than a spectator!

    Thanks in advance of your help.
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    Nov 30, 2010
    Install a fuse right next to the battery. It will stop your car burning if the wiring gets pinched in the sheet metal or other mechanism.

    The advertisement does not say wht size of fuse. Measure the current, then choose a fuse. If you can't measure, start with a 3 amp car fuse. If it blows, change to 5 amps...etc.
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    You dont need any resistors, the control box will do all the current regulation, as for fuse size, its says 30W power @12v, thats about 3 amps, try it with a 3 amp fuse on the full flash setting, measure the current with a dvm, if its ok leave it, if not use a 5 amp fuse.