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Hey guys,

I'm looking to either locate or develop a wireless PID that would control a device that chills liquids between 32 - 60 degrees F. This unit is going to be consumer facing so it would need to be in Fahrenheit, but the toughest parameter that I'm facing is that I would like for it to be able to have joint control. By that I mean it's going to be something I use to teach groups with so I would like to be able to send remote temperature changes to these units to control the temperature from a far, as well as allow the user to make changes on the units interface in person.

Is this possible and is there anything out there that exists like this? I've seen the SmartPID M5 which is close, but I'm not sure about it's GUI - Ideally this unit would be controlled either through the devices interface physically, or through a smart app. The global control could be done via the web.