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    Apr 22, 2007
    Hello Experts!!!

    I want to make a project :

    in which 3 boards (Let's say A, B, C)are there -

    1. each one is having a temp. sensor and

    2. have a motor controller i.e can control a motor (each will get a Analog reference (result of some calculations) from D to control the motor speed)

    3. Have a wireless transmitter(Trans receiver)

    Now one 1 board (Let's say D) is there -

    1. Have to generate a analog out

    2. Have a wireless Receiver (Trans receiver) i.e. will receive temp. from A, B & C

    3. Have a 7 or 8" LCD display (In which all the temp. are coming and Motor Speed are coming)

    Please suggest what is the best configuration, which modules should i use, what can be the cheapest configuration

    Eagerly waiting for the reply

    Thank You.