Wireless energy transfer help for my Propeller LED clock Project

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    I am currently doing a school project consisting of a VHDL/FPGA based spinning propeller clock.

    My initials ideas for the project was to have a stationary base that contained my FPGA prototype board power supply and data transmission circuitry. The spinning propeller will contain my Display of LEDs as well as an CPLD(to light LEDs at different timings) and a Receiver circuit for communication with the FPGA.

    My main problem is providing the spinning propeller with power!!!

    I have seen some projects online using brushes or battery to power the propeller, but I want to power it wirelessly to reduce noise from brushes and having to replace the battery.

    I have also see projects transferring the power wirelessly, by hacking the fan motor that they used for rotation and Turing it into a wireless power transformer. blogs did not have much details on how they did it or what the technical term for the transformer is called.

    I have decided to use my old pc fan as a motor for rotation as its fast and cheap J.

    My questions are:

    1. Has anyone before done this method of transferring power to a spinning propeller clock?

    2. Does anyone know any website where they go through this in detail?

    3. What are the power considerations I need to take into account for powering my top board?

    4. Has anyone got any other suggesting’s on using other method of lighting LEDs in different times a part from using a CPLD ,given that it receives information from the FPGA.?

    Please feel free to leave a comment or to ask any questions upon my design.:D
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