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Babu Mistry

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Hi Sir,
I am sourcing for a Panasonic repair person who can know about Panasonic VCR Model NV-SD 350
There is this cassette Ereaser system and there are two black wires broken from the circuit box, which has a brown connector to go onto the Ereaser head.
I need advice and photos of were to solder these wires back.
Please see the attachment.
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If you study the printed circuit board (PCB), with a magnifying glass.
With any luck you will be able to see where the wires came from.

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Babu Mistry

Joined May 25, 2019
Hi Team,
Still not very happy regarding the help, its only Panasonic Technion who can help with my issue. as it's very simple if he has a VCR to see were exactly did this came off. and solder it back in it place.
I will appreciate so much.


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Where I live, VCRs have negative value. You have to pay to dump them at an electronics recycler. I know that I could today find 5 VCRs for free in my local area.

I can't imagine spending 5 minutes trying to repair one.


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I think the lead is for the Erase head plug 4003, and it's from bias oscillator circuit located on the servo section main board pg70.



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