I Can't find where to solder the broken wire on my Wireless Headphone

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hello everybody
I'm used to fix all sort of eletronics and simple stuff, but i got really puzzled by this Wireless Headphone i got my hands into...
it was just a simple "One ear off" problem, and when i opened it i saw that there was a broken wire, BUT i can't seem to find where it should be soldered!
i have looked it over many times and stiill haven't seen any clue to where it should be.
It is a generic model, BT made in china, and everything is ok, just the long side isnt working..,
link with close up photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sln2q45ijvpqt5q/AAAA2NFOFuRa1elj9in3qc6la?dl=0
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Can't tell 100% from the blurry photo, but that zig-zag trace on the board looks like an antenna impedance matching feature.
I think it is the antenna.

Is there anything else in there that smells of "antenna"? If not, I would look elsewhere for your problem.


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Thats the antenna I'd check the battery most time's these fell is because of battery or the battery charger circuit.


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I will try to repair anything but I refuse to attempt to repair ear buds no matter the cost..
I swear there is a town of just tiny elf people with even smaller hands/fingers and midget soldering irons that do all the soldering/assembly of those miniature/fragile wires.. Such a PITA... I hate those wires with a passion..


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hi! like be80be suggested i would power the device with 5 volts and i would try to trace the phone output signal. if you connect the device to 5 volts and it works, you have either a battery or power regulator ic which doesnt work properly

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ok, i knew that this is linked to the antenna, but i wonder where the Other end of that red/cooper wire is suppoused to be soldered?