Wine cellar with the 3° bug on the power PCB : I want to fix them all !

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Hi, I am an beginner in electronic welding and I wonder if you can have a look at this part to find the clue...
As I said in the title it is a wine cellar PCB ref : hks-yh005PCB7

I am looking for an advice if it it possible to repair. I have 3 of them... Good Luck !tempImagevDPcCd.giftempImageEJEQm6.giftempImageQ0nio4.gif


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Third board seems to have diode D2 with a disconnected leg...
First board has been overheating around R6 and the diodes, so I suspect a shorted device after the big capacitor (or capacitor is bad). Possibly the transistor next to R10 (R20 on third board?), if it has traces direct to the capacitor


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And I thought, since it is for a wine cellar, the temperature was off by 3° C or F. But that seemed unlikely on 3 different boards.