Winding configuration for delta - WYE transformer

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How to start make delta - WYE transformer DIY ?, whats about winding configuration ?, I want to start with 24v/41.6v (18a per phase winding) -> 220v/380v (2a per phase winding) ?, 1.3kva step up transformer, what's about turn ratio and wire diameter I can use, and how many turns I need ?


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Transformers are not as simple as they may appear to be.
It would take several YEARS in college to even start to
become a competent Transformer Designer.

On the other hand, you can use 3 IDENTICAL Single Phase Transformers in a "group",
with the appropriate wiring connecting them together to create a
3-piece, 3-Phase Transformer.

The Laminated-Core of a proper 3-Phase-Transformer can be
an extremely complex engineering problem.
You should NOT attempt this.
Purchase a commercially available, ready to install, 3-Phase-Transformer,
designed by a group of very experienced engineers,
and proven to be reliable, efficient, and safe.

If you need a special Transformer,
any of the major manufacturers will be happy to create a custom designed unit,
built to your specifications.
But it may cost 3 to 4 times more money, than a "standard" production Transformer.

I have an idea of what you are trying to do from previous conversations.
You are dealing with extremely High-Current and High-Voltage,

DO NOT attempt to build a High-Power-Transformer yourself.
Purchase a standard, Commercially available, Transformer.

You "may" be able to purchase a "used" Transformer.
An "Oil-Cooled" Transformer will usually last for many-many decades,
with no loss of performance.
You may be able to get it for only the transportation costs to move it to your building.

Remember that a Transformer can be extremely "overrated",
and still operate with no problems.
BUT, if the Transformer is "under-rated",
you may start a FIRE or even cause an EXPLOSION.