Willem pcb and am29F040 PLCC3

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Kike Fernandez Reig

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Recently i've bought a chinese Willem eprom pcb 5.0E with PLCC32 socket because i need to burn some am29F040 chips.
I've configured bios to set paralel mode to ECP and paralel port to allow interruptions and plug and play legacy in order to made it work.
Im using Windows 7 x64 with integrated parallel port, Willem eprom wired throught parallel cable and 12v power adapter.
When try to launch the application from SIVAVA (0.98D12C3) throws a error that but if i launch in windows 98 compatibility mode seems is fixed.
When i choose my eproom type am29F040 in the connection preview shows ICSP insead of PLCC32 socket :S
Someone knows how to change this configuration to burn my am29F040 chip with PLCC32 socket?

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The arrow pointing to the ICSP header is shown for all devices; don't know why. Just ignore it and set the DIP12 switch and 3 pin header as shown in the graphic.

The error probably has something to do with where the DLL resides. When you use Win98 compatibility mode, it looks in the directory where the program is; and that's where it is...

Be careful if you use your programmer for EPROMs. Unlike FLASH, you need to know a bit about programming EPROMs reliably. Also be aware that VPP voltage generation is deficient.

At least you didn't buy one of the Enhanced Universal Willem programmers; they're junk.