Why does twisting two wires create capacitance?

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Audioguru again

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Noobies are posting in old threads that I participated in a long time ago.
Then I am alerted to the last post in a thread but the forum software does not warn me about how long ago the thread previously ended.


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When I was new I posted on a thread without knowing how old it was. It seems to me that this happens most with new members. And lately there have been a fair number of new AAC users join the site. It happens. But with experience newbies begin to learn how to better navigate the thread. In some cases people are looking for a particular solution to a problem they're having. They come across an old thread that seems to be addressing their issue and may either ask a question (hijacking the thread) (which I did in the past) or they may be giving a response to something they didn't know was already resolved years ago.

Like I said - it happens.
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