Which type of pipe is best for Sanitizer liquid dispense

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With the subject, which type of pipe like
1) silicon hose pipe,
2) Thermoplastic rubber hose pipe
3) Polyurethane tube or
Any other type of pipe will be best for the sanitizer dispenser tunnel/ machine which contain about 85% of Alcohol.


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If you are going to put the stuff on your hands and rub it in, wouldn't you think that almost any rigid or semi-rigid plastic would not be harmed by it?

If you are really worried, use Teflon. I would use any plastic that fits, such as LPE, polypropylene, a supply tube from any home sprayer and so forth.

Silicone will be floppy and may be hard to control. Aside from that, it will work like any other. You might not want an opaque black rubber for aesthetics.
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I was going to say silicone rubber but it has to have a good support structure.
Some of that type is rated at food grade.
BTW "silicon" pipe would be very fragile but you could fabricate transistors on it :)