Which RF to use ? (Confirmation)

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We are currently working on a project and we would like to get your advice about the confirmation regarding which RF to use for a project.

The project is about a wrist that is use as a Home curfew system for prisonner in custody in their appartment.

We are thinking to use a low frequency device for the wrist item but we are worry about several things:

1./ Range , we need it around 50m radius

2./ Battery consumption of the wrist (we need it to work about 2-3 years)

3./ Accuracy of signal

4./ Cocnrete wall faraday cage effect

I would be happy if some RF specialist could give their opinion about which frequency raneg they would use, which protocol and which chip as well as some advices about antenna.

Thank you in advance for your help and wishing you a great day.