Confirmation of connections of PIC18F87J50 and external memory

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What I have is a IS61LV6416-10TL 64 x 16 memory that I want to connect to a 18f87j50

The plan is to use 16 bit word write mode shown in figure 7-2. The way I understand it is you don't connect address bit 0 from the PIC to the memory address bit 0 and shift the others over so that bit 1 from the PIC is connected to address bit 0 on the memory, 2 from the PIC goes to 1 at the memory, and so on. I would use address bits 1 - 16 from the PIC The CE, OE, WR, and data connections are easy enough.

At the memory side I would connect UB and LB to ground since it will always be 16 bit.